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> has so many unfinished projects, could start a series about them
> does

It sucks when projects are dropped for reasons beyond your control. It sucks more when even the journey isn't shared, or even reflected on.

Anyway here's me oversharing:

Working on this was cool. Little bit edgy, little bit cute. Cool themes. The jam asked you to make a Metroidvania game (fav genre) in a month (least fav amount of time).

It was the first time I've ever worked on a game with someone else. We got a narrative put together pretty quickly.

BUT, double the people == double the scope creep, especially both being Ideas People and all of the ideas being too darn fun to not include. The total narrative we came up with would take waaay more than a month.

It was cancelled when me and my friend got hit by huge sudden workloads (which was perfectly timed, as if the universe was charging up a bigass Donkey Kong punch and let it rip right when we were both finally excited to start something.)

Anyway, here's some cool juice:

Intro music:

All assets and concepts free to a good home!

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