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codes a little & loves a lot

if you're a game designer, take a look at tynan sylvester's designing games!!
also raph koster's practical creativity is really good.

ive worked on a bunch of games, some which ill never finish but you can check out some scraps here and in my posts

i'm working on a metroidvania abt necromancy inspired by my favourite game momodora

im a training artist, here's some drawings!

  1. [2019-12-10] [Draft] Game Design - Hitstop in 2D Platformers
  2. [2019-08-29] Lumi Game Creator - Retrospective
  3. [2019-08-11] Lumi Game Creator - Making the editor
  4. [2019-08-03] SDL2/Native GUI - How to embed an SDL2 context into a QT application.
  5. [2019-07-28] Lumi Game Creator - in France! & progress update
  6. [2019-07-04] Lumi Game Creator - A Game Editor Proposal
  7. [2019-06-06] SDL2/Native GUI - Making a SDL2.0/WxWidgets interface
  8. [2019-04-06] Unfinished Projects - Dark City Temple?
  9. [2019-03-29] Unfinished Projects - HolyWater!
  10. [2019-03-25] My Windows Dev Setup

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