Unfinished Projects - Dark City Temple?

Progress with Gamemaker Studio 1.2:

Progress with Love2D:

This game was for a jam, taken place 2 years after my first game White for Eevee's Games Made Quick jam.

I came down with a heavy case of What Engine Do I Use blues and then proceeded to get nowhere.

This became an exercise in Love2D (I was in love with Lua at the time) and using my predefined boilerplate library, Gloop! It was pretty easy to get to the point shown in the video, but in the end it was design decisions that were blocking progress.

The new way of animating characters was fun. I've always done frame-by-frame hand-drawn stuff, but in this, I wanted to try out something that'd look smoother. It's.. a weird derivation of skeletal animation, where all parts of her body are placed using some weird, hyper-specific formula. In the end, it was a little hard to get right. I'd love to play around with this idea more one day.

My largest design block were enemies. I had no idea what sort of threat would exist in this world up until a final boss.

I just scratched stuff out, and got these. I liked the plague-doctor look.

The idea for the story was to seep back into the world left off in the original game, left completely dark, white grass and snow. This'd be, some huge arbitrary number of years (trillions?) after the fact. You regain your sword, travel forward and find another, much less hectic plagued world.

The final boss, I've only got written concepts on paper. The idea was to have her in a room with a giant metronome (?) which pulsed light every tick through a garden of white flowers before a wall with archways of shattered stained glass.

But! It didn't get finished. Or barely started. I really like the style though, so it could be something I make in future. Thinking about making it entirely 3D, kinda like Journey but with melee combat and 2 mins long. Thanks for reading!

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