Lumi Game Creator - in France! & progress update

The view from my gîte's balcony in sceaux-du-gâtinais, France.

(having beers on this ^ balcony at night listening to the river and the lil otters is the best feeling ever)

Hey! Hope you're enjoying your summer. Figured I'd make a quick progess update. The game engine concept discussed last month (now called Lumi) is COMPLETE!

sort of.

For the most part, the engine is complete. Another 15 minutes of work to register a couple of functions to the Lua scope and it'll be ready for production. However, I missed out one thing: This engine is coming with an editor.

The editor was the whole reason I made this new engine, right? Well, the editor is still in the works 1. I'm not sure if I should call it a success. I did make an engine in a month, but just not the full package I intended. The engine + editor package would take well over a month to produce, so I'm glad progress is being made this quickly. It's a success to me.

1 This is code for "hasn't been started."

And here it is!

Underwhelming image of my 2D game engine in action.

"What? ?? this is trash"

You're right it is trash! Despite its looks, this demo proves that every single facet of the engine works. You'll just have to trust me on this one. Here's something less ugly:

The test results for my engine, all being successful.

Anyway, doubts aside. Project "0.0.1 by the end of the month" is a success!

After 2 weeks time when I'm back from vacation, the new goal will be to complete the engine's editor in less than a month.

Using the results of a couple of experiments, I'll make a usable editor for this engine. Level creator, sprite editor, a text editor for Lua code, the whole works. I'll make a post about this when I begin to sorta, concretise what my goal is. The "GameMaker but with Lua" idea is perfect but I'm afraid of taking it too literally and recreating the GameMaker editor in every sense.

Anyway, I'll think about it! I'll catch you later.

View from my balcony, 5 swans are swimming by.
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